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Travel Tips for Seniors with Mobility Issues – Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Traveling can be an extremely enjoyable and rewarding activity for seniors that love to explore new places, try exotic foods, and experience new things.

For many people, the opportunity for travel isn’t even an option until after retirement because of busy careers and childcare.

The ability to travel can also be a problem for older adults after retirement, because of limited mobility.

However, for seniors that want to get out and explore, there are always possible options.

Good planning and preparation is the key to successful travel for seniors with mobility concerns.

Traveling with Limited Mobility – Tips and Suggestions

Travel can be stressful for even the most able-bodied individual. Good planning is a good way to reduce worry and stress.

For seniors with mobility issues, advance preparation is essential for an enjoyable vacation.

Some recommended travel tips, include:

  • Heavy research
  • Use a travel agent
  • Guided tours
  • Visit your doctor before leaving
  • Keep medical info on you at all times
  • Make arrangements with airlines and hotels
  • Have a back up plan

Heavy Research

The best thing you can before any trip is extensive research. Find out everything there is to know about your intended destination before you make a commitment.

Are there facilities and options in place that can accommodate your mobility issues?

Some destinations are better than others for people with limited mobility. Do as much research as you can to figure out what location would work best for you.

Travel Agent

There are many travel agents that specialize in senior travel, and more specifically, travel for older adults with mobility constraints.

A travel agent can make sure all the necessary arrangements are made for you in advance, to reduce the risk of complications and unwelcome surprises.

They often have access to special senior discounts and deals. Travel agents can also help arrange guided tours and appropriate activities at your destination.

Guided Tours

Organized, guided tours can offer several advantages for seniors worried about maneuverability.

Guided tours can offer:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Supervision
  • In-depth local knowledge
    • Hidden gens in the area
  • Social activity

Doctor Visit

A visit to your doctor is definitely suggested before deciding on any long distance travel plans.

A note from your doctor will give you the clearance and peace of mind that your travel plans are feasible and safe.

Have your doctor provide a medical report that provides information about medications, details of health conditions, and emergency contact information.

This information should be kept on your person at all times.

Medical Info

Pertinent medical information should always be kept with you in case of emergency. Should the need for a trip to the hospital arise, this information will be required for treatment.

This includes health insurance details.

Arrange Travel Assistance

If you are going to be getting on an airplane, you can contact the airline in advance to organize travel help.

This can include specialized check-in assistance, and personalized seating for people with mobility restrictions.

Back Up Plan

Anyone that has ever traveled anywhere before, knows that things can go wrong and usually do. In the history of traveling, I can’t imagine there has ever been a travel plan that has gone off without a hitch.

Problems at the airport or other stages of travel may come as a minor setback for people with full strength and mobility.

For seniors with limited mobility, an unforeseen issue could ruin the entire trip.

That is why it is always good to have a plan B. Or even a plan C, just to be safe.

Travel Options for Limited Mobility

Taking 2 planes, a train, and a bus into the rainforests of Peru to hike the mountains of Machu Picchu may not be the most appropriate travel itinerary for seniors with mobility complications.

Some suggested travel options for limited mobility, might be:

  • Cruises
  • Train tours
  • City / Coach Tours
  • Safari


A boat cruise is a great option to think about for safe and comfortable travel.

One perk is the ability to visit a variety of locations on a single trip. Also, while traveling from stop to stop you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, engage in fun social activities, and travel in style.

Train Tours

A train tour is a lot like a cruise, except it is done over land. You can still cover a lot of ground, and stop in multiple locations.

A train tour requires even less mobility, as between stops you will be sitting in your seat most of the time taking in gorgeous scenery out the window.

City or Coach Tours

Intercity bus tours, or bus tours around a specific city are also good options for seniors.

For people that may have trouble getting on an off the bus, check to see if additional assistance will be available.


For the more adventurous (and financially secure) traveler, a safari is an interesting option.

Safari tours can be catered to seniors with limited mobility, that require minimal walking and extra assistance.

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