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Safe Medication Management and Review – Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Safe Medication Management and Review – Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Taking a collection of medications on a daily basis is just a normal part of life for many older adults.

It likely comes as no surprise that people over 65 take more medications than people under the age of 65. Also, people over 65 are more likely to be taking multiple medications at the same time.

This can get very confusing, and if not properly managed, even dangerous.

Some medications when taken concurrently can have negative effects when combined. Also, if medications are not taken as prescribed they may lose the desired effect.

Improperly Administered Medications

If medications are being taken incorrectly, or are conflicting with each other, it can lead to ineffective treatment or other health conditions.

Examples of improperly taken medications include:

  • Incorrect dosage – taking too much or missing doses
  • Prescription oversights – prescribing physician is not aware of other medications being taken
  • Improper administration – some medications must be taken at a certain time, or with food

Medication management and reviews by a professional can help reduce stress and ensure medications are having their intended effects.

Retire-At-Home Kitchener Waterloo

Retire-At-Home is a long-established home care agency that focuses on providing customized home care services for seniors and their families.

A wide variety of services are offered to help seniors continue to be independent at home, and to improve the quality of daily life.

One of these services is medication management.

Medication Management and Review

Retire-At-Home offers a comprehensive approach to managing medications to ensure there are no conflicts, and that medications being taken are actually helping.

Medications can include:

  • Prescribed drugs
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements

A certified pharmacist will be assigned to your case to go through all of the various medications your loved one is taking to make sure everything is in order.

Medication Management Services

Regular medication assessments and reviews will be done with a qualified pharmacist to take the guess-work and stress out of taking multiple medications.

These reviews are done in the comfort of your own home for convenience and practicality.

The medication review includes:

  • Quarterly audits of practices and effects will be taken for each medication
  • Eliminating any unnecessary, ineffective, or adverse medications from the house
  • Review of administration practices and directions or instructions
  • Clearing up any questions or concerns about any medication

Medication management assistance ensures all medications are being properly administered, and medical instructions are being followed.

Advantages of Retire-At-Home Medication Reviews

There are many benefits to getting the assistance of medication management with a homecare professional.

Some of these advantages are:

  • Medication organization
  • Medication storage
  • Nurse / Pharmacist assistance
  • Clarifying instructions / education

Medication Organization

Caregivers will help make an ongoing, up to date list that can be carried at all times to avoid confusion. Medications should be stored in a safe area.

Medication Storage

Medications should be stored in a safe place in the house and should be kept in blister packs or dosette boxes (pill organizers), for clarity and convenience.

Nurse / Pharmacist Assistance

Having qualified nurses and pharmacists at your disposal is ideal for effective medication review and specialized administration. For example, insulin care for diabetics.

Education and Clarifying Instructions

You will get the complete rundown on consequences of missing a dose, possible side effects, and the designed effects of all medications.

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